Professional Ethics research internships

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  • connect and mentor with industry leaders and with a community of influential professionals.

  • improve your resume by exhibiting a priority for industry ethics.

  • explore and mastering your industry's ethics.

  • present at the Ethics Conference.

  • earn money 2-4 hours per week ($10/hour).

We are committed to building a better world by modeling ethics throughout a wide variety of industries. Our paid internships entail researching the ethics involved in university students' future career choices. During the course of a semester students receive ethical training, incredible network opportunities and meetings with industry leaders about ethical challenges related to their professions. Our team assists students to connect within our exclusive network of professionals or to help them develop their own professional contacts.

At the end of the semester students write a paper and give a five-minute presentation on ethics at the Ethics Conference. Additionally, the best presentations from each industry earn the prestigious Award for Professional Ethics.

The internship requires 2 to 4 hours per week and pays $10 per hour.

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