Founder & CEO of OmniChannel Health Media

OmniChannel Health Media specializes in Digital Diabetes initiatives. 

We have been creating and marketing award-winning health content for two decades, publishing over 100 million diabetes magazines including Walgreens Diabetes & You, the nation’s largest diabetes magazine, since 1995. We have also published custom health publications and websites for Costco, Walmart, CVS, Kroger and other leading retailers.

In 2014, we launched for Costco. is the first online-only diabetes magazine and healthy living website for a US retailer. The site has rapidly grown, and is now among the leading diabetes websites in the US. We are now building custom diabetes websites for other US retailers, as well. 

Our new Diabetes Influencers Network,, is a broad network of leading health care professionals. Diabetes Influencers offers companies access to millions of their loyal followers online and on social media. Diabetes Influencers uses social media and online marketing to educate and engage shoppers with diabetes about diabetes-related products and services.